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About Rio Marine

Glynn Electric truckOriginally Glynn Electric, Rio Marine was founded back in 1929 by Leo Glynn. Rio has continuously served the marine industry through its various engine and electrical repairs. Leo Glynn’s son eventually took over the business and sold it to Ronald Dansby in 2002.

Ronald Dansby, with his many years of experience in the marine industry, quickly sought to make Rio achieve its greatest potential. Expanding and improving the quality of the services provided was the first step to getting Rio where it is today. Rio now has experienced technicians to help in the fields of electrical devices and general problems, barge and engine maintenance, audio gauging of barge hulls, and controls and hydraulics.

Rio Marine has not only expanded its services, but also the locations. Offices are now located along the Gulf Coast, ranging from Corpus Christi, TX to Mobile, AL. The scattered locations provide Rio with a distinct advantage in its timely services, allowing a swift response to almost anywhere along the Gulf Coast.

Our superior service and our many office locations have made Rio a very recognized and respected service company that has served faithfully since 1929. We would like to thank you, the customer, for making our business one of the top repair companies in the marine industry.

When Time is of the Essence

Rio Marine is known for its ability to provide superior service in a timely fashion, frequently after normal business hours. We are rapidly responsive to customers’ job requirements, anywhere at any time. We understand that a rapid response to problems at a reasonable cost is critical to reduce vessel downtime, and ultimately increase business effectiveness. Rio Marine’s broad geographical coverage guarantees timely and effective service across the Gulf of Mexico and connecting waterways.

Superior Parts Service

Rio Marine has streamlined the supply chain through bypassing the middleman and ordering parts directly from the manufacturer or national distributors. This creates maximum value for our customers. All parts are new and readily available from our significant parts inventories at all locations. All our 70+ service trucks are also stocked with the most frequently needed parts.

Core Values

Rio Marine is committed to being the single-source choice for marine maintenance and parts supply. Our focus is to become a long term and valuable partner to our customers. Our core values of integrity, quality, service, accountability, innovation and partnership allow us to be leaders in the industry and the trusted choice of our clients.

What Rio's Clients Can Expect:

  • Fast response to your marine related problems
  • Minimum downtime
  • Readily available, highly skilled workforce
  • Quick, safe, and innovative problem solving
  • Extensive experience in all types of marine repairs, new constructions, and complete overhauls
  • Parts 24/7
  • Exceptional Warranty Program
  • Services integrated into your operations
  • Recommendations for upgrading
  • Minimum cost